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This is my garden information website! Enjoy.

This website is no longer active (archived)

This website represents the result of my many years of work as a garden communicator which included this website (which originated in 1996) television segments for Comcast, radio programming and garden writing for newspapers and for the web. There is … Continue reading

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Leaves dropping on Transplanted Tree

Q. Two weeks ago we planted two 5-6″ caliper, 14′ Thundercloud Plums. We dug very wide holes, dug as deep as the root ball, cut off all the burlap, refilled the dirt with 1/3 organic compost to 2/3 original soil, … Continue reading

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Fruit Tree Pollination

Q. In one of your answers: Shinseiki Asian pear is “considered nearly completely self pollinated” Does it mean there is no need another pollinator? Lisa- from New York A.  A little background – most fruit trees have a built in … Continue reading

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Yellow Cucumbers

Q. Why won’t my cucumbers turn green. I have huge yellow cucumbers. Are they edible? thank you, Kathy M. , Illinois  A.  There are two possibilities here.   If they start out green and then turn yellow you waited too long to harvest … Continue reading

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Mulching with Weeds

Q. Your web site is very informative and inspiring. I try to follow your advice as much as I can.  We had good year so far..specially in green house..lots of cabbage, cauliflower,  salad, lots of peas and lots of tomatoes … Continue reading

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