Yellow Cucumbers


Posted by Horticulture Guy - Peter Punzi | Posted in Midwest U.S. Gardeners | Posted on 23-09-2012

Q. Why won’t my cucumbers turn green. I have huge yellow cucumbers. Are they edible? thank you, Kathy M. , Illinois

 A.  There are two possibilities here.   If they start out green and then turn yellow you waited too long to harvest and the cucumbers are over ripe. Pick them earlier.  The seeds will be smaller and the fruit will be less bitter. If they are never green and always yellow then you may have been slipped a yellow cucumber variety (or this variety was nearby in the field and crossed in at the source).  These varieties (like Lemon) produce yellow skins.  In addition there are is an outside chance they have a virus which prevents chlorophyll (green pigment) from forming in the skin of the fruit.  Overwatering has been said to cause this but usually you see some problems with the plant itself which you did not mention.  Since you did mention they were very large it is likely that you have the first scenario.  Edible yes…pallatable.. not so much.

Live Long & Garden,

Peter (AKA Horticulture Guy)