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Garden Bed Design
You will learn how to design beds around your home using very easy to understand techniques. This effective approach to designing large garden beds utilizes drafting tools you can find at most office supply stores. Understand basic design concepts, learn how to pick plants and design beds around your garden.

Birdhouse Building for Gardeners
This fun hands on class will walk you through the steps of constructing a simple birdhouse for insect loving birds, including chicadees, brown creepers, nuthatches, wrens and downy woodpeckers. These birds are very valuable in the garden as they help control insect pests like slugs, aphids and cutworms. By building birdhouses, you can encourage more of these birds to take shelter in your gardens and become your partner in pest control.

Gardening in Raised Beds and Containers
Learn about the techniques and advantages to growing plants in elevated beds or in pots. This technique is good for growing tender plants, where space is at a premium or for people with special needs. Find out what materials are best for raised beds and containers and what plants do the best.

Gardening for the table: Growing and preparing your own vegetables, fruits and herbs.
Nothing is more satisfying than preparing a meal from you own home garden. If you are interested in becoming more self-reliant when it comes to your food or just grow better tasting varieties or types of food not available at your local grocer then this class is for you. From seed to plate you will learn how to grow and combine your garden’s bounty.

Vegetable Gardening for Fall Harvest
Take advantage of the Puget Sounds mild weather and grow a second crop cool weather vegetables this Fall. This class will tell you when to start these plants and how to take care of them. Just imaging a harvesting peas carrots, parsnips, Brussels Sprouts and other veggies right from your garden for Thanksgiving and Christmas Dinner.

Turning your soil into Black Gold
Learn organic methods to turn your garden soil from rags to riches using organic philosophies. Understand the process of soil creation and the techniques of composting.

Organic Pest Management
Find out how to use the latest organic products to safely control your gardens weeds and insects. You will also learn about the philosophies of Integrated Pest Management.

Pruning -When, Where and How
Learn the techniques and timing for pruning your trees and shrubs to promote heath and vigor. Learn the best time to prune flowering trees and shrubs to maximize blooms.

Starting from scratch in the Garden
If you enjoy starting from scratch or you want to grow plants that just aren’t commercially available then this class is for you. Learn how to start from seed and how to divide plants.

Houseplant Clinic
Learn how to tell the difference between a plant that has a pest or disease and a plant that is isn’t getting enough (or too much) water light or fertilizer.