Mophead Hydrangea location


Posted by Horticulture Guy - Peter Punzi | Posted in Northeast U.S. Gardeners | Posted on 11-02-2008

Q. Interested in advice on planting mophead hydrangea in my zone 6 location. The area I am planting receives sun from 12N on. Soil is clay & will slopes away from plants. I am asking before I buy as I need approximately 15 bushes to fill in space & don’t want to make the investment if it is a losing battle. Please advise, if possible. Tonya Amber – Vanderbilt, Pa

A. The mopheads fall under Hydrangea macrophylla and from what I can tell your location is just a little too cold for regular blooming as the plants may freeze to the ground in many years in the west of Pennsylvania. This would kill off the flower buds. You would have beautiful plants but not any blooms. If you are interested in having a hydrangea you may want to try the Peegee Hydrangea (H. paniculata ‘Grandiflora’) which would handle your winters a little better. Be sure to add some organic matter (like compost) to the soil before planting to help enrich and aerate your clay soil.