Crows love Cherries – stop them

Q. How do I keep crows out of my cherry trees? I heard an owl decoy might work. Help?
Scott Landon – Surrey, B.C.

A. From what I remember from being a naturalist back in NJ crows will mob and attack raptors including owls. I found always found this fascinating since many smaller birds will dive bomb and attack larger birds that attack their young. I have seen sparrows going after blue jays, blue jays going after crows and then crows going after hawks. I have also heard from hunters that crows really dislike Great Horned Owls, which most owl decoys are created to simulate. So they use the decoy to attract crows when hunting them. So after the crows beat up your decoy they may just celebrate and knock back a few cherries. The best way to keep crows and other birds out of your trees is to use bird netting which is a black poly mesh (usually 5/8 inch openings) that comes in various sizes to accommodate different tree sizes. It can be cut easily down to size with a pair of scissors. It is draped over the tree and fastened at the trunk.

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